product, Water-Jel Cool Jel 118 mL, 06635

Water-Jel Cool Jel 118 mL, 06635

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Gel formulation works quickly in emergency burn situations. Provides cool and soothing temporary relief of pain from minor burns, cuts and scrapes, protects against contamination, stops burn progression and lessen the chance of body fluid evaporation. Moisturizes and provides a protective barrier to protect against contaminants and irritants. Lowers and stabilizes skin temperature; cools through transference, not evaporation, to reduce the risk of hypothermia. Water-based, water-soluble gel is easy to remove, and assists in the removal of burnt clothing. Non-toxic and non-irritating; will not harm the skin or eyes. Unaffected by prior freezing, air travel, and hot temperatures.

Weight: 0.119 kg   Width: 7 cm   Height: 9 cm   Depth: 4.5 cm