Quick Overview:
The Disaster Preparedness Kit was designed to give the basics for your family's personal preparedness plan.
This kit features over 85 essential items such as a flashlight, a multi-function knife, waterproof matches, and an emergency blanket that will help support you during the first 72 hours of an emergency.

All items are carried in a nylon backpack that has additional room to add other essentials for your comfort and survival. A first-aid kit with bandages and additional supplies is also included so that you and your family are more prepared in case of an emergency.
Qty (Each)
Content List:
1 box of 45 waterproof matches
1 flashlight / radio / alarm crank (no batteries required)
1 50-hour candle
1 multi-function knife
1 SOS sign
1 Emergency blanket
1 20-liter water container
20 tablets water purification
2 Biohazard bags
1 whistle
1 pair of leather palm gloves
1 12-hour light stick
1 first-aid kit
1 emergency sheeting
2 Dust Masks
1 Duct Tape
1 nylon backpack

Contents of the first aid kit:
2 gauze 5 cm x 5 cm (2 in x 2 in)
5 antiseptic wipes
1 iodine prep pad
4 alcohol prep pads
2 insect sting-after bite
10 adhesive stripes
2 fingertip bandages
2 knuckle bandages
2 adhesive patch bandages
1 conforming bandage
1 roll of adhesive tape
1 pair of nitrile gloves
1 tweezer
1 pair of scissors
12 safety pins
1 plastic case
Weight: 2.65 kg   Width: 30 cm   Height: 18.8 cm   Depth: 37.7 cm