LifePak CR2 Automatic AED with Handle - Bilingual 99512-001411

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Quick Overview:

Introducing the LifePaK CR2 Fully Automatic, Bilingual AED!

This device is lightweight, portable, and easy to use.  The CR2 is designed to reduce the time between sudden cardiac arrest and the rescue with its easy-to-use layout and simple (yet descriptive) graphics.  The QUIK-STEP electrodes are the first thing you see when you open the device, and peel directly off the base, allowing or faster placement.

The device is equipped with Real-time CPR feedback which provides audible instructions guiding users through the rescue. This feedback provides specific instructions to ensure proper force and rate of compressions are being applied in CPR.  The CR2 also provides a metronome to assist the user in keeping appropriate pace for compressions during a rescue

Responding to a patient while they experience a sudden cardiac arrest can be incredibly stressful and hectic.  In these times, proper communication is paramount.  That is why the LifePaK CR2 is offered as a bilingual device—meaning that you can switch the language of the entire device at the touch of a button (even in the middle of a rescue).  The CR2 largely removes the possibility of miscommunication of an important step of the rescue due to someone not being able to understand instructions in their preferred language.

Unlike other devices which are only able to administer a shock to children if the proper defibrillator pads are installed, the CR2 allows you to treat a pediatric patient with one touch of a button on the device.  The CR2 delivers a lower energy level without needing to change electrodes, saving time in the rescue process.

The AED itself has an 8-year limited warranty, and both components (battery and defibrillation pads) have a four-year shelf life making for a single, easy maintenance change over the lifespan of the device.

Weight: 2 kg   Width: 28 cm   Height: 10 cm   Depth: 23 cm