Level 4 Isolation Gown - Large - Case of 50 CRC-IGL4

$11.33 / unit
Qty (Each) Sold in quantities of 50
Quick Overview:

The Level 4 Isolation gown is a fabric garment that covers you from your neck to your wrists and knees.

This product is designed with features such as elasticated cuffs to limit your exposure to fine dust particles, fibres, and light liquid splashes.  The garment is latex-free, and weighs just 55g making it lightweight and comfortable for extended use.  The gown is made with an open-back and ties to secure it around your body, and ultrasonic stitching for extra protection around the seams of the garment. It fits most sizes.

The level 4 gown passes AATCC 42 (less than 1g water impact, meeting a level 4 rating) and AATCC 127 (withstands greater than 50cm of hydrostatic pressure, meeting a level 4 rating).

This product meets EN standard 13795 – 1: 2019, ISO 13688:2013, 20811, 13034:2005+A1:2009, and 14126:2003/AC:2004, for Type PB [6]-B.  This product also passes ASTM F1671 (allowing it to withstand blood born pathogen penetration).

It is designed for single use and should be disposed of after use.

The Level 4 Isolation gown is sealed in sterile packaging.

Sold in a minimum case quantity of 50.

Weight: 1 kg   Width: 20 cm   Height: 5 cm   Depth: 30 cm