CRC Fox 40 Classic Whistle with Flex Coil

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Quick Overview:

Fox 40 Classic whistle is the whistle of choice for all sport and safety applications. It is used by police, firefighters, rescue professionals, lifeguards, swim instructors, boaters, camp monitors, crossing guards and more. Wet or dry.


Use : Place the bridge of the whistle on your bottom lip and make a sharp, clear sound. Use your tongue to block the passage of air quickly, after the appropriate length of signal.

Safety warning : Do not blow whistle directly in a person’s ear.

Care instructions : Occasionally wash whistle in a water/vinegar solution for best performance.

Colour : (whistle) white, (flex coil) white

Material : plastic, non corrosive brass

Dimensions : 5,2 cm x 2 cm (2 in x 0.75 in)

Weight : (whistle alone) 0.008 kg (0.018 lbs)

Weight: 0.008 kg   Width: 5.2 cm   Height: 1 cm   Depth: 2 cm