Little Baby QCPR Light 133-01050

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Quick Overview:

Little Baby QCPR enhances infant CPR training programs by delivering quality CPR training with real-time and summative feedback, efficiency with multiple student monitoring, and increased engagement using a gaming element.

With objective feedback on compressions and ventilations, Little Baby QCPR teaches all the key parameters of quality CPR.

The 3-month-old Little Baby QCPR’s features include:

• Head-tilt with open/locked airway
• Feedback on hand positioning
• Visible chest-rise on ventilations
• See and feel the baby’s ribs
• Landmarks, nipples, breast tip
• Limbs with realistic movement
• Durable construction with realistic length and weight
• 2 AA batteries will last for months and are easily changed.


1 - Manikin

1 - airway (installed in manikin)

6-  manikin wipes

1- Jumpsuit for manikin

1- Soft pack carry case

Weight: 4 kg   Width: 18 cm   Height: 8 cm   Depth: 5 cm