CRC Small Fabric Fingertip Food Preparation Bandages (Box of 50) CRC-SFTFS50

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The new Canadian Red Cross Fabric Food Preparation Bandage line provides a better adhesive that’s more durable and longer lasting than regular bandages.  The small fabric fingertip bandage is contoured to securely wrap around the finger and allow full dexterity while still protecting the wound from infection.

This product is designed to be used in a professional setting in which food preparation and handling occurs.  These bandages are particularly useful in food processing plants as they contain a metal foil within the bright blue fabric to be easily detected by metal detectors should it fall off while in use.

Each box comes with 50 Food Preparation bandages inside.


1 - Box of 50 Small Fingertip Bandages (1.7" x 2" / 4.318 cm x 5.08 cm)

Weight: 0.1 kg   Width: 8.3 cm   Height: 6.6 cm   Depth: 6.5 cm