CRC 2" x 3" Heavy Duty Fabric Elbow & Knee Bandages (Box of 25) CRC-2X3HD25

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The new Canadian Red Cross Heavy Duty Fabric Bandage line provides a better adhesive that’s more durable and longer lasting than regular bandages.  The fabric Elbow and Knee Patch bandages are a full inch wider than standard 1” x 3” bandages making it perfect for larger wounds on bigger surface areas (such as your knee or elbow).  These bandages adhere to all four sides of the wound, allowing it to stay on longer and keep the wound cleaner than bandages with adhesive on only two sides.

Each box comes with 25 Heavy Duty bandages inside.


1 - Box of 25 Elbow and Knee Bandages (2" x 3" / 5.08 cm x 7.62 cm)

Weight: 0.1 kg   Width: 7 cm   Height: 9.4 cm   Depth: 6.5 cm