product, 15 m x 0.5 cm Rope CRC-SR

15 m x 0.5 cm Rope CRC-SR

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Quick Overview:

This 15 meter rope is perfect for any disaster or 72 hour preparedness kit. This multiuse and portable rope can make a big difference in a disaster. A rope is a must for any kit as is has several uses including: 

  • Building shelter  - using the Utility sheet

  • Creating a rain water catch – using the utility sheet

  • Building improvisational first aid equipment, for example: a stretcher, or improvisational  tourniquet

  • Holding gear together

  • Securing items to your backpack

  • Creating a pulley system for debris removal


1 - Rope, 15 m long x 0.5cm thickness 

Weight: 0.19 kg   Width: 15 cm   Height: 4 cm   Depth: 12 cm