AED - Zoll 3 Automatic English Instructions Sport Package. 8501-001102-06-SPORT

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Quick Overview:

More powerful images, combined with sychronized voice and text prompts, help guide the responder through the rescue.

The Zoll AED 3 defibrillator also provides detailed CPR guidance with Real CPR Help, featuring an enhanced bar guage that enables real-time feedback on the quality of CPR being provided.




  • Real CPR Help that can see your chest compressions during CPR to let you know when you’re doing high-quality CPR.
  • Shock delivery 8 seconds after stopping CPR for a more effective shock.
  • Constant metronome at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute to comply with the latest Guidelines.
  • Universal CPR Uni-padz for push-button selection of Child rescue using the Child button on the front of the ZOLL AED 3.
  • Scissors attached to CPR Uni-padz for easy removal of clothing.
  • Dual orientation (upright or flat) for the best visibility in a rescue.
  • On-screen CPR cycle countdown timer to let you know time remaining in this cycle.
  • On-screen display of elapsed rescue time and number of shocks delivered for critical information that EMS personnel will need to know on arrival.
  • Rescue accessory pack containing non-latex gloves, barrier mask, razor, paper towel and towelette.
  • High-resolution full-color graphic images and text accompany all audio prompts for easy understanding of what to do next.

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(1)  Zoll AED unit Fully Automatic

(1)  AED 3 Battery Pack

(2)  CPR Uni-padz Universal (Adult./Pediatric) electrodes

(1) Zoll 3 AED Carry Case

(1) Canadian Red Cross Deluxe First Aid Kit

(1)  6-year standard warranty

Weight: 2.5 kg   Width: 23.6 cm   Height: 12.7 cm   Depth: 24.7 cm