Desk Confinement Kit 12 Hours

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Quick Overview:

1 - Mylar Sleeping Bag - This sleeping bag is made of mylar material, making it compact and lightweight while being water & windproof. Perfect for any 72-hour survival kit.

  • Retain up 99% of body heat
  • Large sizing - 91 cm X 213 cm
  • Reflective
  • Lightweight
  • Placing them over the windshield of your car while the car is still warm to prevent ice buildup.
  • Use sheets when building a small shelter with the help of the environment such as trees and branches.

1– Garbage Bags: There are many uses for garbage bags in emergencies, they can be used as a makeshift rain poncho, to protect your supplies from the elements, they can even be filled to make bedding.

1 – Rain Poncho: This one size fits all bright yellow rain poncho will keep you or your family members dry. Being wet greatly increases your chance of hypothermia.

3 – Hand Cleansing Towelettes: Your health and hygiene are very important during a disaster, and so we have added these.

1 – Dust Mask:  Protect yourself against airborne pathogens and dust. This mask has a flexible aluminum nose piece that allows for a better fit.

1 – 12 Hour Glow Stick: Bright extra strength glow stick provides an instant source of light that is waterproof and safe to use in any environment.

2 – Water Rations: We all need water to survive and these individual water packets will ensure you have your basic need met with clean drinking water. Water packets have a 5-year shelf life.

1 - Ziploc Bag:  There are many uses for Ziploc bags in emergencies. 

  • Funnel to take out anything that is noticeable before using water purification 
  • Sealed Water Transporter 
  • Keeping important materials dry (fire starting materials, devices, clothing and socks) 
  • Wound coverage if you tie a Ziploc bag around a wound, it can help keep the elements and dirt out. 

1- 4x6 Pressure dressing with elastic ties: Pressure dressing consists of non-adherent bandages in order to apply over an incision or wound to stop bleeding, prevent edema and provide support for varicose veins. It is also used in the treatment of burns and skin grafting. 

1 -  Mylar Sleeping Bag
2 -  Individual Water rations 125 ml
1 -  Rain Poncho
1 -  Glow Stick
1 -  4x6 Pressure dressing with elastic ties
1 - Garbage Bag
3 -  Hand-cleansing towelettes
1 -  Dust mask
1 -  Ziploc bag


Weight: 0.61 kg   Width: 17 cm   Height: 8 cm   Depth: 15 cm