Deluxe 12 Hour Student Kit. CRC-DSK12W

Qty (Each)
Quick Overview:

1 - Mylar Sleeping Bag - This sleeping bag is made of mylar material, making it compact and lightweight while being water & windproof. Perfect for any 72-hour survival kit.

  • Retain up 99% of body heat
  • Large sizing - 91 cm X 213 cm
  • Reflective
  • Lightweight
  • Placing them over the windshield of your car while the car is still warm to prevent ice buildup.
  • Use sheets when building a small shelter with the help of the environment such as trees and branches.

1 - Rain Poncho: This one size fits all bright yellow rain poncho will keep you or your family members dry. Being wet greatly increases your chance of hypothermia.


3 – Hand Cleansing Towelettes: Your health and hygiene are very important during a disaster, and so we have added these.

1 - Tissues: Use these tissues to remain sanitary in the emergency situation to avoid spreading bacteria and viruses.

1 - Pair of Earplugs: During any disaster, there can be a lot of different types of noise. Ear plugs are effective, comfortable solution for trying to get some rest in a shelter, dealing with background noise.

1 - Dust Mask:  Protect yourself against airborne pathogens and dust. This mask has a flexible aluminum nose piece that allows for a better fit.

1 - 12 Hour Glow Stick: Bright extra strength glow stick provides an instant source of light that is waterproof and safe to use in any environment.

2 - 400 Calorie Food Bar: This bar offers a fast source of energy in emergencies.Can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. 

6 – Water Rations: We all need water to survive and these individual water packets will ensure you have your basic need met with clean drinking water. Water packets have a 5-year shelf life.

1 - Ziploc Bag:  There are many uses for Ziploc bags in emergencies. 

  • Funnel -  to take out anything that is noticeable in the water before using water purification 
  • Sealed Water Transporter 
  • Keeping important materials dry (fire starting materials, devices, clothing and socks) 
  • Wound coverage- if you tie a Ziploc bag around a wound, it can help keep the elements and dirt out. 
Mylar Sleeping Bag
400 Calorie Food Bar
Individual Water Rations (125 mL) 
12 Hour Glow Stick 
1 Rain Poncho
Hand Cleansing Moist Towelettes
1 Pair of Earplugs
Dust Mask
1   Ziploc Bag


Weight: 1.35 kg   Width: 25 cm   Height: 7 cm   Depth: 18 cm