Laerdal Little Anne QCPR 4-pack 124-01050

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Quick Overview:

We know CPR training creates lifesavers. But for years it has been a challenge for instructors to provide accurate and objective feedback on their performance. Until now.

Little Anne QCPR is now available with a gaming element and feedback technology. This helps instructors improve both CPR training quality, classroom efficiency and learner engagement. 

Monitor up to six learners at a time with The QCPR Instructor app. Stay on top of every participants progress.

Real-time CPR feedback
Check how every learner is performing with feedback on depth, release, rate and ventilations.

Intelligent scoring algorithm 
Get a performance summary with score and improvement tips for every learner. Go from “passed” to perfection.

Plug & play
Connect every manikin to the instructor app with stable and reliable one-click Bluetooth Smart connection.

Built-in tutorial
Set up classes and training sessions with the help of built-in videos and tutorials. You’re good to go. Always!

Life-like anatomy
Perform nose-pinch, head tilt, chin lift and jaw thrust to see chest rise. Anatomically correct oral and nasal passages.

Correct pressure
See and hear that compressions are done correctly. A built-in clicker signals when the correct compression depth is achieved.

Quick & easy maintenance
Clean-up is easy with disposable lungs and removable faces. Made with Laerdal’s patented design and materials; it’s built to last.

Little Anne just got “smart”
With one-click connection, the instructor app and CPR race functionality, you are ready to teach correct CPR to any learner.

CPR race competition
Finish every training session with an informal and fun CPR race. Learners will experience what it’s like to perform CPR in high-tension situations with adrenaline flowing. Close to real-life situations.

Go from tried, to trained
Motivate learners to improve their skills. With objective feedback and scoring, learners are motivated not only to compete with one another, but also to try to beat their own best score.

Practice to win
Make the training more engaging and interactive. A competition element has been demonstrated to improve motivation in students.


4 - manikins

8 - manikin faces

8-  airways

24 - manikin wipes

4-  jackets for manikins

4- training mats

1 - Soft carrying case

Weight: 46 kg   Width: 30.5 cm   Height: 24 cm   Depth: 20 cm