product, Emergency Water Ration Individual (125 ml)  DX1000W

Emergency Water Ration Individual (125 ml) DX1000W

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WARNING: Everyone needs water to survive & the human body can only last a few days without it. Our emergency survival potable drinking water is filtered for purity & has a five-year shelf life specifically for emergency preparedness & food storage.

Our survival water is used by the US Government, Police & Fire Departments & School Districts. Prepare your family or business now before the next disaster.

Each pouch contains 4.225 ounces of water

Recommended uses: Marine, Home, Business, School survival plans.

Consumption: Minimum of 2 of our emergency survival 4 oz water bags per person per day.

Weight: 0.12 kg   Width: 15.5 cm   Height: 2 cm   Depth: 9.5 cm