CRC Utility Sheet, CRC-US

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Mylar is a great product for survival which is why we have added it to all of our disaster kits each kit has an instuction sheet with 10 suggestions to how to use the utility sheet 


  1. Position the blanket behind a campfire so that the heat is reflected back towards you rather than lost.
  2. Positioned behind candles or lanterns the light will be reflected back into the room.
  3. Cut up the blanket to line boots and gloves.
  4. Mylar is waterproof, when used as a groundsheet it helps prevent dampness.
  5. Doubles as a windbreak when trying to start a fire.
  6. They are great for spreading out to catch rain as a top up water supply.
  7. These blankets are quite strong and can easily be fashioned into a sling in an emergency.
  8. Placed inside a duvet cover they will prevent heat loss during the coldest part of the night.
  9. Placing them over the windshield of your car while the car is still warm to prevent ice build up.
  10. Use sheets when building a small shelter with the help of the environment such as trees and branches.

1 Red Cross utility sheet - 140 cm x 210 cm 

Weight: 0.03 kg   Width: 140 cm   Height: 210 cm   Depth: 0.01 cm