product, Emergency Tow Rope with Hooks 300006

Emergency Tow Rope with Hooks 300006

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The only thing worse than being stuck in a ditch is not being able to get out of the ditch. Our 1/2" x 14' Braided Nylon Tow Rope with Hooks is perfect for any automotive safety kit. It has a 5000 lbs. Capacity (An average vehicle is 4000 LBS) This brightly colored polypropylene rope has strong zinc plated hook on each end for quick and easy secure connections.

Tow ropes are based on vehicle rolling weight and are not intended for lifting purposes. They are meant for pulling vehicles in distress, and should not be used for on a regular basis (overstretching may cause it to break)


1 - 14' tow rope with zinc plated hooks

Weight: 1 kg   Width: 36 cm   Height: 7.5 cm   Depth: 18 cm