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Booster Cables

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Quick Overview:

A must for every vehicle. Having a set booster cables can make a significant difference in the how your day goes or the day of your fellow motorist.

  • Always leave the jumping vehicle running 

  • Ensure a good connection. Clean connectors if you see corrosion 

  • WAIT - leave the running vehicle connected for several minutes before trying to start the dead vehicle

  • Turn off ALL electronics in the dead vehicle - headlights, radio, dome lights, etc

  •  With your vehicle in park.  rev the charging vehicle to ~2500 to 3000 RPM during this time.

  • Never touch the Red and Black connectors together


1 - pair of 8 ft - 10 gauge jumper cables

Weight: 0.6 kg   Width: 30 cm   Height: 15 cm   Depth: 20 cm