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First-Aid Program StandardsRed Cross has updated the First-Aid Program Standards. These changes in Standards will affect the products you are using in your classrooms.  We have put together a brief summary of the product changes now required for your first aid training courses. 

1. New standards will require all Training Partners to provide  CPR mask with one-way valve to all students.  


2. Training Partners may choose to keep masks and replace one-way valves. Valves may be replaced  with our CPR Training Valves CPR_training_valve_bag_of10


3. AED trainers ratio has changed from 1:3 to 1:2. We have a wide variety of AED Trainers available  AED_trainer


4.Training first-aid kits are now also required in all first-aid and CPR courses. Here is our updated training kit.Red_Cross_First-Aid_Training



We also have newly improved training packstraining pack



5. Student to Blanket Ratio has changed from 1:4 to 1:3. This is our lightest and most cost-effective training blanket 

6Commercial Tourniquet have changed been added to the standards and the ratio and 1:4 tourniquet



7 First-Aid Kit is required in all first-aid courses as well (for in-class emergencies) We would recommend the Deluxe First-Aid Kitdeluxe_first_aid_kit


Please see attached PDF for New 2018 Program Standards





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