product, Zoll Plus AED Trainer (ENGLISH) 8008-0050-01

Zoll Plus AED Trainer (ENGLISH) 8008-0050-01

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Quick Overview:

Whether you are a CPR Instructor, a manager at a large factory, or a teacher with a classroom full of young adults, the Zoll AED Plus Trainer II will give you the ability to train with a hands-on unit and allow your trainees to experience how the Zoll AED Plus will look, feel, and function during a rescue. The trainer is programmed with four (4) full rescue scenarios, as well as a manual mode to give the user full control.

With a wireless remote in hand, the instructor can control the scenarios and teach students how to execute proper CPR/AED steps.  There is also a “Pause,” which allows the instructor to speak between actions.


Each Zoll AED Plus Trainer II comes with all the accessories needed for setup including:
•  Wireless Trainer Remote
•  CPR-D Training Padz (One Set)
•  Training CPR-D Reusable Gels (One Set)
•  Four (4) D Cell Batteries for Trainer (Good for more than 100 training hours)
•  Two (2) AA Cell Batteries for Remote Operator’s Guide 

Weight: 2.2 kg   Width: 24.1 cm   Height: 13.3 cm   Depth: 29.2 cm