Canadian Red Cross Tactical Tourniquet ,SOFTT-W-CRC

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TACMEDsolutions Red Cross Tourniquet. High-strength, light-weight alloy components are used in critical areas of function ensuring reliability in the most challenging of circumstances and on the largest of limbs. By eliminating the requirement to re-route webbing, the tourniquet is easier to use when operating under stress and reduces application time, both of which can result in reduced levels of blood loss and better-quality patient care. The tourniquet handle is machined from a single piece of high strength aluminum bar stock. The strength of the handle eliminates the risk of product failure.


 A true 1 ½” constricting band for increased constricting pressure and patient comfort.
- Quick-connect, snap-lock buckle design.
- Lower-profile, lighter weight alloy components, providing the required strength and durability only metal can offer.
- Single application method regardless of location.

Weight: 0.1 kg   Width: 18 cm   Height: 5 cm   Depth: 13 cm