Triangular Bandage w/ sewn edge & 2 safety pins | 109.22 x 109.22 x 154.94 cm, CRC-TBX

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Quick Overview:

Made of 100% cotton. Uses include: to support arms and shoulders (sling)- to secure splints and dressings- to apply pressure over a large area- to immobilize ankles and feet- to control bleeding (tourniquet)- to control bleeding when direct pressure is unsuitable (e.g. embedded or protruding objects).

Complete with two safety pins.  Dimensions (width x length x height):  (43 x 43 x 61).

This triangle bandage is perfect for the first-aider that wants a high-quality triangle bandage. The bandage is a larger than average bandage size.   High-quality cotton design makes perfect to use in first aid classes as can be used multiple times. 


1 - Triangle bandage with two sewn edge

Weight: 0.04 kg   Width: 10.2 cm   Height: 5.5 cm   Depth: 1.5 cm