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The XFT-D0009 Mini AED Trainer is designed for students to become familiar with how to use an AED during an emergency. With the clear voice prompts and simple LED indication students can practice the basic skills needed to perform a rescue. In addition, an exciting feature of this AED trainer is its compact size. The AED itself is about the size of a cell phone, making it easier to transport multiple units for your off-site courses. It is compliant with the new guidelines. Has no high-voltage capabilities, therefore safe for all students to use while training. Only requires 2 AAA batteries and comes with a reusable set of adult and pediatric pads.


1 - Mini AED Trainer Device

1 - Wire Connector

1 - Operating Instructions

1 - Set of Adult Training Pads with Connector

1 - Set of Child Training Pads with Connector

Weight: 0.185 kg   Width: 8 cm   Height: 10 cm   Depth: 1.5 cm