Training Mannequin, HT-MAN

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Meet Vera! With anatomically correct landmarks and natural obstructing airway, this training mannequin provides essential features for realistic CPR and AED instruction. In order to inflate the lungs and have the chest rise, the students must perform an accurate head tilt/chin lift or jaw thrust, demonstrating the importance of proper technique during a rescue. Vera is also very durable; students will be able to utilize realistic training equipment to practice proper depth resistance during CPR. All the while, Training Partners will now have a mannequin that can endure multiple courses. The lightweight nature of Vera makes it trouble-free to handle in transport for offsite courses. Containing easy-to-remove components, Vera is uncomplicated to clean and cost-effective. Furthermore, worn down or damaged parts can be replaced separately rather than the entire mannequin.

Weight: 6.35 kg   Width: 25 cm   Height: 36 cm   Depth: 73 cm