AED - Zoll 3 BLS Semi-auto French Instructions 8502-001103-26

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The ZOLL AED 3 BLS provides improved Real CPR Help®, which measures the actual depth and rate of each compression and displays it on the CPR Dashboard™. In addition, the CPR Dashboard shows the elapsed time since power on, remaining time countdown for the current CPR cycle, number of shocks delivered, and the patient’s current ECG. If the victim is a child, you can switch from adult to child rescue on-the-fly simply by pushing the Child button and repositioning the universal CPR Uni-padz™ electrodes.



  • Real CPR Help that allows you to see your chest compressions during CPR to let you know, in adult rescue mode, when you’re doing high-quality CPR at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute and 5 to 6 cm deep for adults.
  • CPR Dashboard with patient ECG, compression rate and depth, CPR cycle countdown timer, shock count and total elapsed time.
  • Shock delivery 8 seconds after stopping CPR, for a more effective shock
  • Universal CPR Uni-padz for push-button selection of adult or child rescue.
  • Reviewable clinical event data showing key statistics, along with ECG and matching chest compressions.
  • Dual orientation (upright or flat) for the best visibility in a rescue.



(1)   Zoll 3 AED

(1)   Zoll 3 Battery Pack

(1)   CPR Uni-padz Universal (Adult/Pediatric) electrodes

(1)   Operators Manual,Quick Start Guide, and Rescue Reference Poster

(1)    Year warranty (additonal 2 years with registration)

Weight: 2.5 kg   Width: 23.6 cm   Height: 12.7 cm   Depth: 24.7 cm