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alertme™ • Lifesaver Driver Alert

About the size of a Bluetooth earpiece and lightweight, less than an ounce, the alertme™ is the latest and safest lifesaver electronic device that helps prevent accidents caused by falling asleep behind the wheel. The alertme™ device works by detecting when the user’s head nods while driving or working which indicates that you may be feeling drowsy. Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to wear and improves your vigilance on the road.

-Easy to use

-Safe and efficient

-Peace of mind

-Compact and lightweight

-Easy battery replacement

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Boost Turbine 2000 from EtĂłn Rechargeable USB Battery Pack with Hand Turbine Power Generator

Make your own power

For everyday or emergency use, this backup battery pack with hand turbine power generator will keep you all charged up and connected. It features a rechargeable 2000mAh lithium battery for power when and where you need it. It is great to use in an Emergency 

Double duty

The BoostTurbine 2000 features a Micro-USB DC input to use with most smartphone chargers and a standard USB port for charging mobile devices. And when the BoostTurbine 2000 is all charged up, you have enough power to fully charge most smartphones.

Crank it up

Crank for four minutes and produce enough power for about 1 minute of talk time or a few texts*.

Know your power

Just press the button and the LED charge indicators will let you know how much battery charge you have left.

Pocket sized

Made with lightweight yet durable aluminum, it’s handy enough to take virtually anywhere. Stash it in your pocket, purse or pack for a power boost.

*Based on charging a typical smartphone with a 1500mAh battery and normal phone usage - not excessive battery drain, that batteries on both the Boost Turbine and smartphone are NOT completely dead, and that the turbine rotation is at a constant 2 rotations/second.

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This Multifunctional flashlight is ideal for any emergency with poor visibility. It uses LED light for the one main and four panel lights. These can be powered by the solar panel, the hand-crank or the mobile charger. Additionally, there is a digital FM radio, a compass and a siren. These features make it an ideal and compact multifunctional tool to have in your home, vehicle, travel bags, workplace, or boat.

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Emergency Flasher with Clip

This emergency flasher emits a bright flashing red light to signal to others in the area.

It also can be worn by bicyclists, joggers or during any night time activities so that the user is visible to oncoming traffic.

In addition, it can be used on dog leashes and collars so that animals are visible to traffic drivers during evening walks.

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Eton Blackout Buddy CO

Blackout Buddy CO works triple duty, 24/7—detecting CO levels in the air, flashing light where you need it, and shedding light on dark passageways or children’s rooms. With its 7 year limited warrantee you will be ready now and for the long haul.



  • Carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless, colorless and toxic. It’s UL2034 certified and will blast an alarm and flash its light when your CO levels are too high. 
  • When the power goes out, the Blackout Buddy CO automatically turns on. And thanks to the rechargeable lithium battery you’ll have 1 hour of emergency light to guide you and 7 days of CO detector time.
  • Just leave the slim and trim Blackout Buddy CO in your wall socket and you’ll never be in the dark. We suggest plugging it in to a low wall socket because that’s the ideal position for CO detection.
  • Fold up the prongs and you’ve got a handy dandy, super bright 3 LED flashlight. When it’s fully charged you’ll have 1 hour of flashlight time and 7 days of CO detector time.
  • Blackout Buddy CO also has an optional LED nightlight, so you can keep bedrooms, hallways, and offices illuminated.
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Eton Clipray Clip-on Flashlight and Smartphone Charger

The crank-powered, clip-on flashlight and smartphone charger

• Powerful LED Flashlight

• Crank Power Backup

• USB Cell Phone Charger

• Hands Free Carabiner Clip

Handy dandy power

Great for emergency kits or outdoor adventures, the hand-powered Clipray makes sure you’ve always got light and power for your smartphone*. No batteries needed.

Crank it up, turn it on

Crank for one minute and produce enough power for 10 minutes of light. Crank again and use a standard USB port to charge your smartphone*.

In a flash

With 3 super bright LED lights, this emergency flashlight will always light the way.

Clip-on convenience

Use the built-in carabiner to clip on to your belt or backpack for convenient hands free use.

*Compatible Phones:

iPhone® 4

iPhone® 4s

Samsung® series

HTC® series

HUAWEI® series


vivo X5SL

Xiaomi MI2S

Coolpad™ N9190

As the charge provided by the Clipray is a pass-through from the hand-crank generator, other smart-phone units may also charge with a steady handle turn speed of 1-2 times per second. These models include:

iPhone® 5

iPhone® 5s

iPhone® 6

Please note that phones must have minimal power to utilize the Clipray for emergency power generation. Phones that have completely powered down due to loss of power cannot meet the initiation charge requirement to be able to re-charge/re-start with the Clipray.

For best results use a manufacturer approved USB charging cable for your phone.

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ETON Rugged Rukus Smartphone-Charging Speaker

• Wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth® enabled device

• Solar panel charging

• USB cell phone charger

• Rugged and IPX4 splash proof


There is limited quanity of this product avaiable. 

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This solar light is perfect for camping, backpacking, emergency lighting and other off-grid lighting. Able to light up your tent, illuminate shaded areas or use while reading, it can run for up to 15 hours after a day's charge. 

This unit is fully waterproof and designed for the outdoors.

Functions with adjustable brightness settings, this light can be hand held, hung up or set standing.

Each unit has a 2 year warranty with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 years.  

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- AM, FM, Weather Band Digital Radio w/ Digital Display

- Weather Alert

- S.A.M.E Technology (location-based weather alerts)

- Alarm clock

- Audio input

- Headphone output

- DC power

- Battery power (3D)



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