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Adult Airway Management Trainer

Airway Management Trainer simulates a nonanesthetized patient for practicing intubation, ventilation, and suction techniques. Realistic anatomy and landmarks including teeth, tongue, oral and nasal pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, arytenoids, false cords, true vocal cords, trachea, lungs, and esophagus. The trainer allows you to practice oral, digital, and nasal intubation, as well as E. T. , E. O. A. , P. T. L. , L. M. A, and Combitube insertion.

Suction techniques and proper cuff inflation may also be practiced and evaluated. Features durable, rugged, one-piece construction and bifurcated lungs. The Adult Airway Management Trainer Head represents a small adult making it ideal for practicing more difficult approaches and for training purposes. Can be attached to our Vera TRAINING MANIKIN This feature allows you to teach intubation and basic CPR on the same manikin by simply switching heads. Comes with pump spray lubricant. Five-year warranty. Resusci Anne is a trademark of Laerdal Medical Corporation.

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First Aid Blanket
  • Soft, non-woven blanket provides protection in a first aid emergency
  • Keeps the injured person warm, whether at the scene of an accident or in a first-aid room
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for stretchers, first aid rooms, automobiles, camping and cold weather care
  • Light weight and durable great for teaching first aid classes
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Grey Multipurpose Wool Blanket - 50% blend

This is a great first aid blanket. Made with 50% wool content this blanket it is much heavier than our other first aid blankets and much warmer. A perfect add on to a disaster preparedness kit, first aid kit and perfect for first aid trainers. If you are caught outside this blanket will not only keep you warm but can even work as a makeshift shelter, padding or shield from the elements.


  • Dimensions of Wool Blanket: 51” x 80”
  • 50% Wool, 50% synthetic material
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Colour: Gray
  • Packaging: Wool Blanket stored in Poly Bag (Dimensions of Bag: 20" x 15" x 1.5")
  • Not Machine Washable
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