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Sterile, good quality, 3" cotton tip applicators with wood handle.

2 per pack. (This box contains 100 2 packs) 

These cotton tip applications are perfect for applying ointments, cleaning injuries, and removing particles from eyes. 

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3.2 inch Bandage Scissors

These bandage scissors are angled and have a rounded blunt tip to assist in the removal of bandages without harming the wound. They can be used for cutting dressings, gauzes, tapes, bandages, dressing strips, metal, and metal foam splints. 


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3.2 inch Nickle Plated Tweezers

High precision tweezers

Useful for any purpose, and for handling any item that is too small for human fingers. 

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5.5" Bandage Shears

Made with stainless steel and polyethylene handles, these bandage shears are perfect for any first aid kit. These bandage shears are built to last and able to cut through clothing and even seatbelts.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Handles coated with polyethylene
  • Wrapped individually in plastic bag
  • Able to be sterilized with heat
  • Strong enough to cut through clothing and seatbelts
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5.9 INCH EMT Scissor

EMT shears are made with a blunt safety tip to prevent injury to the person when cutting. These shears are used by paramedics and emergency medical personnel to cut clothing safely from injured patients. 

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Blood Pressure Kit

This Blood Pressure Kit includes dual-head stethoscope and an adult sphygmomanometer.

The stethoscope is sleek, durable, and lightweight with a non-chill, anodized chest piece. It features 22" latex-free PVC tubing with an adjustable binaural.

The 300mmHg sphygmomanometer is chrome-plated, easy to read and has an air-release valve.

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TACMEDsolutions Red Cross Tourniquet. High-strength, light-weight alloy components are used in critical areas of function ensuring reliability in the most challenging of circumstances and on the largest of limbs. By eliminating the requirement to re-route webbing, the tourniquet is easier to use when operating under stress and reduces application time, both of which can result in reduced levels of blood loss and better-quality patient care. The tourniquet handle is machined from a single piece of high strength aluminum bar stock. The strength of the handle eliminates the risk of product failure.

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Cotton Tip Applicators (10 pcs per bag)

These cotton tip applicators can be used for many purposes. Such uses consist of and are not limited to, specimen collection, wound treatment, and medication application. 

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Disposable Penlight

Accurate light beam illuminates the eyes, ears, and throat.

Pupil gauge printed on body assists in determining pupil size.

Dual-function pocket clip - for portability and activating light.

Made of lightweight high-impact molded styrene.

Available with conventional or LED light.


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Empty ready kit bag that attaches to AED's. 

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Oxygen Wrench

Used to open portable oxygen tanks or regulators. 

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Pulse Oximeter

7088 Finger Pulse Oximeter & 7090 Pediatric Finger Pulse Oximeter

  • Unbeatable accuracy - clinically tested
  • Drop tested durable and moisture proof
  • Simple one button operation
  • 7088 - Suitable for finger thickness .37" - .86" (9.5mm - 21.9mm)
  • 7090 - Suitable for finger thickness .2" - .75" (5mm - 19mm)
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
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