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Be prepared for an automotive emergency or winter weather hazards with the 3-in-1 Collapsible Snow Shovel.

Easily interchange the parts via push button spring locks to convert the Snow Shovel into an accessible Snow Brush or Ice Scraper.

The comfortable foam grips help to provide ergonomic handling to assist you in weather-related scenarios and emergency preparedness.

Quickly disassembles for easy, compact storage in a poly bag.


  • 3 interchanging parts that snap together, converting the snow shovel into a snow brush or ice scraper
  • Brush head rotates 360 degrees to allow brushing at various angles
  • Foam grip provides ergonomic handling
  • Collapsible and lightweight for convenient carrying and compact storage



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5 Gallon Food Grade Plastic White Bucket With Handle

These 5-gallon buckets are made from Food Grade HDPE Plastic and are BPA Free. Made in Canada the buckets are designed with uniform wall thickness for stacking strength. Designed with reinforced Saturn rings around the top to prevent distortion when carried, these buckets made with high-density polyethylene HDPE ensures best possible impact strength.


  • Made from food grade HDPE Plastic - Free
  • Uniform walls for easy stacking
  • Saturn rings around the top to prevent distortion when carried
  • HDPE ensures best possible impact strength
  • Holds 5 Gallons 
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7 in 1 multitool with LED light

This multi-use tool is great for camping or to keep as an emergency tool. Stainless steel body and handle. Includes pliers, wire cutters, regular and serrated blades, bottle opener and also has an LED flashlight.

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Canadian Red Cross-12 HOUR GLOW STICK

The 12-hour glow stick is a must have for an emergency preparedness kit. One stick will provide you with 12 hours of 360-degree light. This can be helpful to indicate your location from even a mile away in a rescue situation. They are waterproof, windproof, non-toxic and non-flammable. Therefore, safe in all environments, especially when you run the risk of sparking an undetectable gas leak after a natural disaster such as an earthquake. They come with a hook at the top so that you may easily hang or attach it wherever is ideal. Small and easy to store, they are individually package for protection against light as well as moisture and have a long shelf-life.

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defendme™ • Personal Alarm

defendme™ is a sleek personal alarm featuring a siren to maximize attention to yourself when needed for self-defense. The piercing 120 dB siren can be heard up to 300 feet (100 meters) and will provide a practical protection and deter dangerous threats when seconds count!

This personal alarm is perfect for anyone and particularly for young people, college students, lone workers, joggers, elderly, nurses and sales representatives.

-Easily attach defendme™ to just about any strap on a backpack, purse, or even a belt loop.

-Powerful 120dB siren

-Quickly activate by pulling the alarm

-Easy to access and use

-Compact and affordable

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Emergency Tow Rope with Hooks

The only thing worse than being stuck in a ditch is not being able to get out of the ditch. Our 1/2" x 14' Braided Nylon Tow Rope with Hooks is perfect for any automotive safety kit. It has a 5000 lbs. Capacity (An average vehicle is 4000 LBS) This brightly colored polypropylene rope has strong zinc plated hook on each end for quick and easy secure connections.

Tow ropes are based on vehicle rolling weight and are not intended for lifting purposes. They are meant for pulling vehicles in distress, and should not be used for on a regular basis (overstretching may cause it to break)

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Multi-function Screwdriver

Screwdriver 6 In 1 Multifunctional is a very important tool in an automotive survival kit. 

This cost-effective screwdriver has 6 bits attached to the main shaft for quick and easy bit replacement.

Rubberized black handle for extra grip. 

6 common screwdriver bits, or you can load ones you already own.

Simply pull it to remove the bit, and add to bit and you are ready to go.




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Multi-Function Survival Shovel

The Multi-Function Survival Shovel is a resourceful tool and perfect for having during camping, home, auto and disastrous events. The shovel is made of solid tempered steel which is very durable and firm. The shovel is combined with features such as an easy push-button snap lock, nylon carrying pouch, dibble pick, saw, can opener and compass.


  • Shovel
  • Dibble Pick
  • Saw
  • Can Opener
  • Compass



  • Push button snap-lock for tool changing
  • Made of tempered steel
  • Durable
  • Nylon carrying pouch
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Portable Roadside Snow Shovel

Sometimes you have to dig in and sometimes you need to dig out.

Our winter time portable shovel is perfect for both occasions. It can be easily folded up and put in a trunk of your car. Assembled in seconds the heavy duty Anodized aluminum handle is powder coated black and will show up easily if you drop it. Its study design and deep blade will handle heavy wet snow. 

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Resqme Quick Car Escape Tool

About the size of a key remote and just 2.93 inches long, the Resqme tool is the smallest car escape tool that you can find. It is light weight and fits in the palm of your hand.

Its 3 conical cylindrical shape makes it very distinctive, and comes in a variety of trendy colors.

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Road Side Safety Pliers

It is always handy to have a pair of pliers in a vehicle.

It is at the time the one you may need to get back on the road. From tightening loose bolts, cleaning off battery terminals, or maybe just getting that lost oil cap that was dropped into the engine. 

  • Self adjusting 
  • dual size jaw
  • wire cutting shear
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Roll of duct tape

One of the most versatile tools to have in a disaster kit. Used by handy persons campers, survivalists, and astronauts.

Can be used to:

  • make a shelter, (you could use your mylar blanket or plastic sheeting)
  • seal packaging,
  • repair leaking hoses,
  • fix your rain gear,
  • make a wallet
  • tape up ducting
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